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I’m up on the 7th floor again. In one of the dorm’s hotel rooms. Got a free place to stay in for the night ‘coz of the dawnwatch tomorrow. I will be playing the keyboard. What a surprise!

We just ended a worship-prayer meeting time with two tenants. Most of them were absent. But it was an awesome time of just magnifying who God is. And we agreed to move the worship meeting to 6am Thursdays so that the rest of the members of our group can join. To make sure they are available to join.

I was so blessed to hear Nathan’s heart for unity amongst different churches, us being from different local churches with one heart – to see Jesus glorified in the dorm and in the campus. I was also blessed by his heart for worshipping God. Such a worshipper. One of those dudes who could stay in God’s presence for HOURS. Faith has the same heart for worship. Addicts, if you wish to call them that… I must say, God encouraged me big time by allowing me to hear their hearts and thoughts.

Years ago, I prayed so may words. In a span of several years, I prayed. Various prayers with various people. Sometimes alone. People came in and left. Seasons changed. I transitioned from full time work to full time unemployment to part time volunteer- part time freelancer to full time freelancer to employed again. My prayers transitioned from faith to faith to faith. But now, the prayers have turned into answers. To my surprise and to the a place that makes me wide-eyed. I prayed for this. Specifically, for this. I dreamed this, shed tears for this, travailed for this, stayed awake for this, twisted and turned in my bed for this. This, which I see now. No, not yet the fulfillment of my biggest dream, but the signs that precede it, the provision that leads to it, the posts that point to it.

When you see the specifics of words you’ve uttered walking right before your eyes, you know you’ve struck gold. You have prayed right because you have prayed the very heart of God and now you know you are unstoppable. With such a heart, you are unstoppable. Nothing can hinder you if God is for you. And yes, He is with us. And so we continue to press on. We go on. We keep doing what we know is right. And this time, we do them even with more exuberance in our spirits. We’ve tasted the surface. We know what’s underneath. We scrape off the layers that separate dream and reality. Heaven is for real. And dreams do come to knock at your door.

The word was holy holy holy… the earth is full of your glory. We sense the call to hunger. The call to glory. The call to be swept away. The image is a vast sky on a starry night, a raging torrent, an endless ocean and a rising flood. The God that calls us is a god of increase. A god who will show us His glory. And will fill us with it.

My our actions speak boldly of this passion. 247. worship. prayer. revival. reformation. On with the revolution.

So Real It Could Have Already Happened

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Posted on FB Notes by Happy Cano-Lumasag:

Every ordinary Juan dela Cruz would probably be ready to mock me with all the disillusionment built-up inside him, that IT CAN NEVER BE DONE.

Countless from my father’s generation would be more polite to smile and say, “You can always try as we did. But it will never happen. God knows, we’ve done what we could. But things still remain the same.”

The words it’s hard, it’s already in the system, it’s part of the culture, it’s how it has been for decades all join in the scornful chorus against my generation. Unfortunately, there are a number of young people, too young to be jaded, who would be as ready to join in singing to the same tune.

I am not so naive to not know the breadth, the height, the width of the impossibility of the task WE DARE TO UNDERTAKE. It is not that we have made our choice blindly. It is not that we made a decision ever so rashly without counting the cost, without sitting down to contemplate exactly what it takes to see the ball rolling. It is not that we are caught unaware of the price such a transformation demands.

But please, here us out. We too, are NOT IGNORANT about our God. We are NOT UNSCHOOLED when it comes to His power. We are NOT UNVERSED in HIS-story. We are NOT UNLEARNED in His ability. Moreover, we are NOT INEXPERIENCED with His FAITHFULNESS with regard to fulfilling every letter of His PROMISE. Continue reading

To The “Privileged” Filipino in North America/Europe/Middle East

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by Cherylynn Cano- Lumasag on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 9:13pm
via FB Notes

To every Filipino who has had the opportunity to live, work, or study in North America/Europe/Middle East:

I know you see the huge disparity of our culture to the one surrounding you now.

You see how the social system and judicial system actually work here while back home, they malfunction more than half the time.

You see how the traffic is so different here from Pinas; how the drivers actually obey the rules even when there are no traffic enforcers.

I know you see how majority of the people in the services actually want to help you out more than take advantage of you.

You see how the great open doors to higher purchasing power can be so easy to step in more on the basis of right qualifications rather than connections.

I know you see the sidewalk — how nice they actually look like when there are no side vendors occupying the space and you can actually walk freely on it the way it was built to be.

And you see how easy it is to open a bank account even without cash on hand; how easier to get a loan to purchase a brand new house or a brand new car.

You see all these and more. Continue reading

emptiness and greatness

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If you think you’re life is useless, you are mistaken. If you think your life is small, you are being deceived. Moreover, if you think it’s okay to live your life any way you want to, it’s because there is something your parents did not tell you about your past. (Sounds pretty much like a telenovela right? But it’s true.) There is a family secret that you have to uncover. Once you do, believe me, most of that confusing and emptiness will begin to make sense…

GDP, AM, EJ, JR. Do you know what these initials stand for? If not junior, gross domestic product, a name of a guy, and ante meridiem, what else can they stand for? Let me tell you a story.

GDP didn’t know that that moment will be remembered and re-remembered by thousands as students go to high school and college, as historians teach their classes, and as truth seekers go back to their past for wisdom. He knew he was NOT just risking his life, he was in fact, laying it down. There was almost no chance of coming out of it alive! But he knew what he had to do and he did it. Now we read his last entry in his journal to get even just a glimpse of what happens in a young hero’s heart before he dies.:

“The General [Aguinaldo] has given me a platoon of available men and has ordered me to defend this pass. I am aware of what a difficult task has been given to me. Nevertheless, I feel that this is the most glorious moment of my life. There is no greater sacrifice. (from the last entry in del Pilar’s journal)”

That is Gregorio del Pilar. GDP.

We have more. We have men who did not give the enemy the advantage of being lured into self pity because of physical inability but instead served his nation with everything he had, who did not consider being the youngest and least experienced as an excuse to not contribute, who would rather expose injustice than live a comfortable, luxurious and safe, yet mediocre life. Apolinario Mabini. Emilio Jacinto. Jose Rizal.

Now what has your life got to do with any of their lives? When these men were born, do you honestly think that God did not know how he was going to use them? It believe God did know. Didn’t God say in His word that he knows us, and that before we were born, He set us apart for a task that is especially for us? (Jeremiah 1:5, Ephesians 2:10)

Today, our nation is facing an intense battle. Have you not yet figured it out – that decades of oppression and injustice have been crying out for men and women like you to rise up and ask God, “Lord, what is my part in this revolution for righteousness?” Just a few days ago, God rebuked me for counting my pennies while dreaming of earning money so i can go to the salon. “Is that the best you can care about Riza?” God said. Is that the highest goal you want to live for? And with more intensity I felt God say these words, “Do you think you sincerely care about injustice if you’re spending half of your energy running after shallow dreams of luxury and comfort?

If GDP, AM, EJ and JR had decided that their lives are useless, or that they’re small, or that they have every right to live it just as they wish, wouldn’t you hate them for doing so? When thrust in the middle of a society groaning for crumbs of peace and decency, what kind of conscience could afford to think of dining alone in satisfaction while the rest of the nation starves?

Fellow sojourner, you have been thrust in the middle of a battle and are you not aware of it? If you think your life is less than extraordinary, think again. It won’t be, if you are willing to be be counted amongst those who are consumed for a cause worth living for, and leaving the past for.

If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your SELFISH WAYS, take up your cross daily, and follow me. If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it… — Luke 9:23-24

i cry out for my nation God

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From May-10-10

We pray for the Philippines and cry out for our nation, that today, History will unfold. God’s hand will move over raising new leaders that will stand up for what is right and just, who will raise a standard, God’s standard in all sphere of influence.  This is the time where revivals will happen and love revolution begins. Lets pray that all filipinos will have a new found reverence and respect to elected leaders and that everybody, young, old, men, women will help build this nation on the right foundation for our children and the next to come. In Jesus mighty name, amen.



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Give me one pure and holy passion, one magnificent obsession, to know and follow hard after you. — One Pure and Holy Passion by Passion

It all starts with an encounter. Then a prayer. The next thing you know, you have been marked for life. No matter how far you run, a voice comes searching for you, until you stop dead in your tracks and realize there is only one kind of life you were created for. Anything less that THAT kind of life is not worth living. You know deep in you spirit that you were predestined for a life marked with the dunamis power of God. A life wholly surrendered to the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A life beyond your wildest imagination and dreams. You have been marked for this! Before you even chose God, He chose you and planted a well deep in your spirit, a space that only He can fill, and a container that is meant to overflow with love, from this love, nations await to drink from. You were born for a life bigger than yourself.

You go searching elsewhere other than the presence of God, you are left unsatisfied, yearning for the real deal. There is a turbulence in your spirit. The devil, your flesh and the world try to snuff it out but the smoldering wick would not get snuffed out! It remains in the grip of grace! And no matter how faint the sound, a voice keeps wooing you in the night of your longing for something greater. Every time you hear it, you are faced with a decision to make. One day you will say, “Enough is enough. I am tired of pretending. I am tired of running away. I am tired of delaying my destiny. Today, I choose to finally live.”

On that day, you will log out of Facebook, log out of Twitter, sign out of chat, turn off you cell phone(s), close the door to your room, and say to God, “I finally understand, it’s ALL or Nothing. Today I choose ALL.”

My prayer is that that day would be today, or tomorrow, a time very soon, not distant from now, not closer to eternity, not closer to the End, not closer to when revival breaks out all across the nations, but NOW. For heaven is waiting for you. Jesus is closer than you think. It’s time for the dead to get into the game. For they are the ones who understand best what it means to be brought back to life.

I want you Holy Spirit to break out so that men and women would break free. Nothing less that the impossible. That is what our generation was born for.

Love Encounter Sustains The Call for National Transformation

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It all starts with a ‘burning bush’ encounter that leads to a willingness to die for a Cause. “Never before has a generation been presented with a privilege to change nations!” I couldn’t agree more. And the Call has definitely not faded in the distance but is blasting behind our ears louder than ever before. Can you hear it? I challenge you to listen to this exhortation.:

Love Encounter Sustains The Call for National Transformation (courtesy of Maranatha Christian Fellowship Cebu): download mp3 here

It is for those who have been desiring revival but whose hope have somehow dwindled or been snuffed out, for those who are desperate to see change but are stuck with the question ‘what does it take to cause transformation?’…

It is also for those whose flame of love for God is ever burning, for those whose passion to see God’s Kingdom to come and will to be done here in the Philippines and the nations is still yearning, relentless…

the pledge

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a few years ago, a pledge was written by JREV’s Rock Revolution to be taken by those students who want to commit to make a difference in their campus.:

I pledge to run with the vision – to see to it that a radical Jesus revolution overtakes my school.  My school is my inheritance and I shall take it by force.

For this cause, I will sacrifice.  For this cause, I pledge to kneel down and wet the ground with my tears.  I will move the heavens with my cries until God sends forth rain and we see salvation spring up from the ground.

But I shall not pray only.  I will work as if it all depends on me even as I am already praying as if it all depends on God.

I am my school’s hope.  I choose to live the difference.  I choose to be a revolutionary.

Weeping Knight

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O weeping knight, I see the sea of your tears
Because you are kept from happiness and cheers.
Failure is the result of your strategies
And you live in the world of great injustice.

Kings sought for triumph in you but have found none.
They think you are the most cursed under the sun.
Generations have passed but you still remain
As a knight in who earth’s princes have found pain.

But now O knight, in the shift of history
Don’t let the powerful see your misery.
For soon enough you will be hailed as king
Because from great shame I see you arising.

O weeping knight, your sorrows will meet their end.
Power and authority will be your friend.
You will be the richest and you’ll wear a crown.
Your smiling face contains the death of a frown.

So rejoice as you use your scepter wisely.
Spears and swords will stop hitting you finally.

Copyright © 2010 by Obed Dela Cruz

(March 21, 2010; Marikina City)

(Dedicated for my country)

(The poem is written by Obed Dela Cruz. To use it in a proper manner, please email him at

There Is Hope For The Philippines

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by Kim John Cebrecus. Posted via fb note: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 8:37am

For every generation there is a destiny. For some, history decides. But for this generation, the choice must be our own. Our destiny in the midst of change will rest on the unchanged character of our people and on their faith. -Lyndon B. Johnson

If the Philippines was to have a tag at you-tube, it would probably be “corruption at its best.” If our country was to have a price tag at the mall, it would most likely be “poverty.” If it was to have an advertisement on television, it would be “prostitution.” If it was to have a signboard in the forest, it would certainly be “to the states!” If hell would come up with a list of its most progressive nations, the Philippines would surely rank within the top ten.

Many times I ask myself, “Is there still hope for my country?” Even before finishing the monologue, the neurons of my brain have already processed the negative answer. I then asked some of my very optimistic friends the same question. They responded by simply looking at me as if I was ignorant of why they took their very common college courses. Hoping to get a different answer, I asked a few successful people. Trying to reach my expectancy, they answered, “’s going to be really hard”

Why have most of us come to a point of surrender and unbelief?

Just a while ago, my faith and reason were in the climax of battle. While reason was about to swing its very sharp and shiny sword over faith, the Lord spoke to me saying, “You always get negative answers because you ask only them, not me.” As I was about to respond to the almighty, I felt deep inside as if faith, dodging all of reason’s swings and hurls, grabs its rusty blade and counterattacks, finally leaving reason unconscious.

We all have hard questions and problems impossible to solve. But one thing is for sure, God is in control. His ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. The totality of the world’s best minds would merely be a single function of a sample of God’s individual cell. We think that we are wise but God thinks otherwise.

What then is the Philippines all about now?

It is the uncrossed desert and the unclimbed ridge. It is the star that is not yet reached and the harvest that is sleeping on the un plowed ground. Is the Philippines gone? We say farewell. Is a new world coming? We welcome it, and we will bend it to the hopes of man. But we all must look to the old promises and dreams, they will lead us best of all. – Lyndon B. Johnson


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